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Question:I have two questions concerning the ACT

1. First, i know that you can just send your best score to colleges without them knowing the scores to all the other tests. But do colleges know how many times you have taken it or do they just know about that one score you send to them?

2. Second, on the reading and the science sections, what is the best method to save time and also do well? I always end up having to guess on the last few because i run out of time. Do you just look at the questions and solve them or read the passage then look at the questions?

1- all they know is what you send them. so no, they won't know you took it 3 times and only gave them the last one or whatever.
2-i was the exact same way. i always thought the ACT wasn't too hard of a test but i always ran out of time. (i made a 28 the best time). for the best balance of time-saving and doing well, quickly read the questions pertaining to the particular passage. then read the passage as quickly as you can (and comprehend). when you hit something you remember a question was on, go to the question and answer it. this way you dont have to go back and look at all-and if you get to a paragraph you can tell won't help answer any of the Qs you've already read over, you can skip it-which saves you more time.

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