A Lot of TYPOs in the Review books for SAT Chem!?

Question:I brought three SAT chemistry review books before I took the test this June (6/2/07) they are: Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Barron. I found many typos in each of them. Do you think it is possible? I brought the books from Amazon.

I also noticed that these books vary from different levels. Kaplan was the hardest and Princeton Review was the easiest. I don't get why does the level of difficulty vary from each book that much.

I noticed the same thing when I was studying for the CPA exam. In fact, I notice typos in magazines and publications everywhere. I think they should all be embarrassed! If you have their e-mail/website, I think you should send a message pointing out the irony of typos in a study guide. Rushing to get out a new edition is no excuse- they can hire one additional person to review and edit!
There are definitely always typos in those books. I think it might be because they have to rush to get new editions out all the time when the tests change. Sometimes if you go online the websites will have a list of corrections to the book.

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