About my SAT scores...please help.?

Question:Okay so I just got my SAT scores in and here are my scores as follows:

Critical Reading - 420
Math - 410
Writing - 510

Is that good? I don't understand how to tell if that's good or bad. I went to collegeboard.com and it didn't explain anything to me. Can someone please answer the question and give me some good details on whether or not this is good, and any sources on where you got your answer from.

Thank you for your answers.

Please refrain from making snoody remarks. If it's a bad score, then oh well b/c I have been out of school for 4 years and took it anyways, so oh well if you want to poke fun. I am just here to see if my scores are good, average, or below.

Thank you.

The average score for Critical reading is 503
The average score for mathematics is 518
and the average for Writing is 497

Your scores are not that bad. There are plenty of colleges that you could apply to with those scores. Some college look at the overall score. A school like Harvard requires that you score over 500 in each of these areas. State colleges have a lower criteria. If you have your heart set on a college and your SAT scores are below the required---you might want to either go to a State School or community college for 2 years, get a B average and then you can transfer.
I had to do that. My scores were really low.
I would hope no one pokes fun at you. Congratulations on being brave enough to take the SATs after being out of school for so long.

Your scores are mediocre. But, don't despair. You can take the SATs again, if you wish. There are many schools that will take you with your current scores, however. It just won't be Harvard or Yale! (Who cares!)

Colleges don't just look at your SAT scores. They look at the whole person. You have some life experience that may compensate for your so-so scores. When applying to a college, be sure to highlight your life experiences and what makes you a potentially great college student. Also, you don't say what your grades were. Good grades will help so-so SAT scores.

If you decide to take the SATs again, get yourself a good SAT test preparation book or two and then work through them. They will help!

Good luck to you.
i agree w/ what's been said. your scores are below average but don't give up hope.

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