Act Test?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Question:So far

my composite score is 27.and I want my score to be at least in 30s...

I'm really studying so hard. I took more than 15 practice tests using books: Princeton, MC-graw, and couple from my school- I'm saving the REAL ACT PREP for last practice.

Any Suggestions on which books I should I use to study more??

Is Mc-graw harder than the real ACT test?

please help T_T

Get "The New ACT" by Sparknotes. It helped me a lot. It puts everything in simple terms so you can understand it. The math review section was the most helpful for me. For some reason I am really good at trigonometry/precalculus but I can't do basic algebra. I understood it much better after studying it. I took a practice test in the book and got a 25. After studying the book I got a 30 on the real thing. Good luck!
I should be studying for the ACT as I'm wasting time on the internet.

I'm using a book by the princeton review called the Crash Course for the ACT. It's a small book that breaks the test down and gives easy tips for each section. It's written so that teens can understand it, and it's not overwhelming like some of those huge books. I really like it, and I feel like I'll be pretty well prepared on Saturday when I take the test

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