About SAT subject tests and the UCs?

Question:i'm taking three tests tomorrow, math 2, physics, and US history. and i know i'm gonna do bad in history, i wish i hadn't put US history when i registered. i did quite OK in math and physics in the practice tests. . im gonna apply for UCs and they require that i take 2 subject tests. im taking 3 and when i send the scores all the scores will be sent right? when they look at the two best ones, will that give them a bad impression if one of the three got a really bad score. hope u get what i'm trying to ask


You only report your two highest scores. I'm taking SAT IIs tomorrow too! us history, math 2, and latin. I concur that US is hard and many friends have said it's harder that the AP exam. Still should try best b/c US might surprise, you can miss 12 questions and still get around a 750. But variety is the spice of life, and you'll want to have options regarding score report.
No, it won't look bad unless there are too many bad scores. They will disregard any scores they don't need.
I think that they will take your best two and ignore the third one.
don't worry! if you get bad score on the history test, just retake but i don't think history test matters much unless your major really requires you to know history

you'll do fine. have faith in yourself
Good luck on the physics test. Its a real doozy.

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