30min ACT test essay writing tips?

Question:I need some tips to cut my writing time in half (the fastest I can manage right now is 45min). Also with time this short is it worth doing a 3-point thesis for extra points? If I fail the writing section of the ACT can I retake it without taking the whole test again?

the princeton review book is really helpful. They aren't looking for great writing. it's a form essay. The first paragraph should state your position nd thesis. 2nd-argue the opposing view and say why these are flawed. 3-4 write your view. use 4 for your strongest point. 5-summarize and generalize. All I can say about time is don't think too much. ACT essays are very specific. the points that they want you to use are normally in the prompt (use them unless u have better points to add). They know you only have 30 minutes and are not looking for something that you would turn in to get an A in school.

if you want to retake the essay, you have to retake the whole thing. but remember, the essay does not impact your composite score. you will get a combined english/writing composite, but you could get a 36 composite and get a 2 on your essay (not that im suggesting this). Good luck!
The best thing you can do is go back to the 4th grade style of writing... the 5 paragraph essay.

Introduction: State your position and list all the examples you are going to discuss later.

Body: Write a short explanation paragraph for each example (preferrably 3).

Conclusion: Summarize the whole essay.

If you are already struggling for time, don't try to have particularly good technique. It will just slow you down. And remember, good spelling and mechanics help. Good luck!

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