13 year old - 155 iq?

Question:is that high, it is a certified test, and i wanna know, cause the test was ment for an adult

I have a feeling you are not a genius by definition and criteria. Friends at school call anyone smarter than them geniuses; trust me, I go to school with some of the dumbest people I've ever met and it is a private Catholic school, rated in the top fifty of all schools in the country. It's pathetic! Going by the way you posed this question, though, you seem average. If you took a certified test (meaning one administered by a proctor or psychologist), you would be taking one for people your age, not adults. If you took the test online, the score is invalid. Try the eCMA test if you want to know your IQ online. That is the most accurate test you will find online, as you can actually join - not without paying a pretty penny, of course - the International High IQ Society if you receive a 124 or higher on it. You should Google it in and take the test and then let us know what score you got and see what the results say as to whether you are a genius or not. You seem as if you are very bright, scoring in the 97th percentile, but many geniuses do poorly and even flunk in school, yet possess unbelievable giftedness in certain areas, be it mathematics or linguistics, etc. Hope this helps, good luck in all you do, and don't take any of what I'm saying personally - I'm not trying to be rude or anything, just to-the-point! ;-) And keep up the good work in school! :-D
Average IQ---- Hong Kong 107 Korea, South 106 Japan 105 Taiwan 104 Singapore 104 Austria 102 Germany 102 Italy 102 Netherlands 102 Sweden 101 Switzerland 101 Belgium 100 China 100 New Zealand 100 U. Kingdom 100 Hungary 99 Poland 99 Australia 98 Denmark 98 France 98 Norway 98 United States 98 Canada 97 Czech Republic 97 Finland 97 Spain 97 Argentina 96 Russia 96 Slovakia 96 Uruguay 96 Portugal 95 Slovenia 95 Israel 94 Romania 94 Bulgaria 93 Ireland 93 Greece 92 Malaysia 92 Thailand 91 Croatia 90 Peru 90 Turkey 90 Colombia 89 Indonesia 89 Suriname 89 Brazil 87 Iraq 87 Mexico 87 Samoa (Western) 87 Tonga 87 Lebanon 86 Philippines 86 Cuba 85 Morocco 85 Fiji 84 Iran 84 Marshall Islands 84 Puerto Rico 84 Egypt 83 India 81 Ecuador 80 Guatemala 79 Barbados 78 Nepal 78 Qatar 78 Zambia 77 Congo (Brazz) 73 Uganda 73 Jamaica 72 Kenya 72 South Africa 72 Sudan 72 Tanzania 72 Ghana 71 Nigeria 67 Guinea 66 Zimbabwe 66 Congo (Zaire) 65 Sierra Leone 64 Ethiopia 63 Equatorial Guinea 59, So I'd say it's preety high.
if you took it online, the result is probably boosted quite a bit, they want to raise your confidence, and make you feel positively about their site

go see a doctor if you want a trustworthy test
iz ok
i got 126
and i'm 13
but i don't know if it's high or not
i think it's above average
An IQ of 155 is genius level -- 99.990 percentile. However, there is considerable variation between various tests, and a number from a single test is not definitive.
think about this, the formula for iq is mental age (determined by test) divided by chronological age, so ur iq is probably going to appear higher

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