98th percentile IQ?

Question:I took an IQ test when I was younger and I scored in the 98.7th percentile. I do not know if I recieved an actual number score but I do not have it anyhow. This was an official California State IQ test. Afterwards I recieved a letter from MENSA informing me of my joining. I have taken several battery tests since then and have scored similarly. I just wanted to know your thoughts on this. Also what would 98.7th percentile be score wise?

At the 95th percentile, you would have a score of 130 on the Wechsler intelligence tests, where the average score is by definition 100 and the standard deviation is 15.. Someone with an IQ at the 98th or 99th percentile would have a score of around 145, but these is also a range of error on these tests, so your "true" score could be higher or lower. Whatever the state of California uses is not likely to be as accurate as the Wechsler IQ tests (or the Stanfor-Binet, where the average score is by definition 100 and the standard deviation is 16), so I'd leave it at saying you're 130+ and advise you to not be too smug.

To understand what these scores mean, you need a background in statistics and a very good understanding of the normal curve. I suspect you're not at a level, educationally speaking, where you would grasp all that, as most posters on EducationAsk.com tend to be teenagers.
You should be able to work this out for yourself.
Whoa....you're smart!
assuming your avatar is correct in that you are a "MENSA member" you should already know the answer to your question.

Are you just stroking your ego here?

UPDATE: funny how the avatar changed names
I think #3 has it.
I think you are lying.
For some reason, your story doesn't quite match up. If you scored in the 98.7th percentile, that means you are highly intelligent when it comes to reasoning. Therefore, shouldn't you be able to figure this out yourself? Also, you can't join MENSA without asking to join. If you took an official IQ test, it seems that you would receive a composite score. It depends on what grading scale/deviation was used on the test you took, though, as to what composite score you received. You might want to contact MENSA if you are [still] a member. They might have the information for you. Hope this helps! ;-)
i dont no

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