ACT score frustration.?

Question:So, I have taken the ACT three times. The first two times, I made a 24, third time a 25. I am a 3.9 GPA, involved student. I take the hardest classes my school offers, I try my hardest in everything I do, and I can be a bit of a perfectionist. AND YET I CANNOT get my ACT score to rise dramatically. I NEED a 28-29. Desperately. I study for it, bought ACT prep books, etc. I don't get nervous or have test anxiety, I just dont do well on standardized tests. I dont know what to do. SO, I ask you EducationAsk.comers.any advice? Empathy? Sympathy? Help..

Don't worry. A 24 is a good score, and a 25 is even better. When you try to apply to colleges, your standardized test scores are not the only things that will be looked at, trust me. There are many people who have killer grades and yet bomb all standardized tests. If a person is in the top, say, fifteen-percent of their graduating class as far as grades, yet possesses an ACT score of 25, I can guarantee that they will be looked at closer than someone with a low GPA and an ACT score of 32. A lot of guessing goes into standardized tests, and sometimes people are just lucky guessers. Colleges take this into accoun tand you are not the only one out there with this kind of "problem."
Hope this helps, keep your chin up, and good luck in all you do! ;-)
yeah its weird. I got a 23 on my first try and i take honors and ap classes with a good gpa. i really suck at test but some other people with really low gpas got totally higher scores than me. this one guy got a 32 with a gpa lower than 3.0. talk about frustrating. umm.. i havent retaken it but im looking ino taking a new approach.
What sections are you having the toughest time with?
At this point I would try the SAT, if possible. Or take SAT Subject Tests and get high scores on them to compensate for your ACT score.

Or, you could try taking an online class with test prep experts to see if that helps you at all. I am not sure which company to recommend.

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