A 26 on the ACT is equal to ?? on the SAT?

I think it's closer to 1900. but a low 1900. Here, you can check what percentile you're in and that can be a clue.



Retake it, a 26 is not as good as many people will tell you it is.
Professor Gilzot on AOL helps with SAT prep and questions via Instant Message. My kids love it.


Cheers, G
You cant go around converting completely different tests into scores... If I had to take a guess though a 26 would probably be around a 2000 give or take a 100.
Here's a helpful link
Basically, your 26 would be anywhere from a 1170-1200 on the old scale and 1760 on the new scale.
I can't say for sure, but according to this website, a 26 on the ACT is equal to 1760 on the new SAT.
Go Here:


and scroll about 2/3's of the way down.

It looks to be equal to 1800-1850.

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