ACt Scores Question PLz Help?

Question:i am retaking my act and if i were to get a lower score than my first time will the school im applying to see it or how does it work will they only show my highest score if i haven chosen on my registration to send both test to the school

You can send either, neither, or both. You choose which test scores colleges get to see. Unless you have the schools signed up to receive your scores as soon as they are released, then you can control who sees what scores. I'm assuming you are taking the ACT tomorrow (I am, too). If so, ask for a clarification on any further questions you may have. I hope this helps and good luck! ;-)
What's neat about ACTs (this is what my teachers told me) is that only your highest scores for each portion are looked at. For example, if you should get a 20 in Math and 25 in English the first time, and you get a 26 in Math and a 23 in English the second time, you'll be counted as having a 26 in Math and a 25 in English.

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