About what should i get on the sat for the follow colleges?

Question:what should i get on the sat to gain entrance to schools like: Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, and Vanderbilt

Most of those are high-end schools, I would say anywhere between 1800-2000 would be a good score. But don't take my word for it, just get on those colleges' websites and send them an e-mail about it.
Proper English and grammer may also help!
At the very least...28
Welll you should just do your best! If you have a really high SAT you can get into any of those schools. Don't aim for just one sat score and forget the rest of the answers! Good Luck! and I hope you get into these colleges!
you better just have a very very high gpa. i just got into va tech, and i think its 95% gpa.. but thats just my opinion
There are a lot more requirements to qualify for entrance to The University of Alabama. Call them and they will glad to assist you. It is a great University to attend.
I believe it might be about 920 or higher. They also look at other areas such as GPA and what you were involved in during high school. Best of luck to you. TLC
I don't know offhand, however the best way to find this out is simply calling the admissions office, if they don't know, they will transfer you to someone who does.

Getting guide books to college is great b/c, more often than not, the SAT ranges are included.

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