1930 on SAT, should I take it again??

Question:I recieved a 1930 on the SAT,
590 math
680 writing
660 crit. reading
I have an internship at the Capital(Sacramento), a job at the local paper, honors/AP classes, an A in a community college class, and I am going to participate in an International Relations program at Georgetown later this summer. I have a challenging courseload for next year (senior year), but I only have a 3.5-3.6 GPA.
Is this enough for Boston University? UC's? NYU?

I would consider retaking the test. I understand 1930 is a great score, but if you retake the test you might surprise yourself and do better than expected. I would research each of those respective colleges online around November (though they may have it online already) and see what the average SAT score was for the incoming freshmen class.
I would say it's enough for BU, but I don't think it's enough for NYU or for the top UCs.
It's a great score. Don't stress. Life isn't just about getting good grades you know.
I have no clue whether or not this score is good enough depending on where you want to go to college. But from my point of view I think it's decent for sure!
If this was your first score and have only taken them once, I would take them again. You really want above a 700 in both the reading and the math. Get your self a study guide and beef up on the algebra and vocab before you retake the test in oct. Good luck...by the way..1930 is a GREAT start..push your self and see if you can get over 2000...
retake it. study a little more and you WILL do better. maybe take a SAT cousre if u have the money
Thats close to what I got 6 years ago, and I was accepted, and got scholarship offers to every state university where I live, and UCLA.
Go for it, apply and see what happens. Im sure they'll take you!
I can of course only speak from personal experience, but I don't think that those scores are going to be enough for places like BU, NYU or Berkeley. I had friends who didn't get into Berkeley and LA who had 4.2 GPA's and 2100 on the SAT. I would suggest re-sitting the SAT, and aim to get at least at 2050, because that is what most top level schools will have as a minimum. Also, I would suggest really boosting that GPA - because if that includes the extra grade point given for AP courses, it is really not good enough. At my school, we had people getting rejected with 4.5 GPA's and 8 AP courses, so I think you need to aim for at the least a 4.0. Remember, you are competing against people with straight A's, countless extra cirriculars, several AP courses, etc.
1930 is a pretty good score but ive seen a lot of people at my school this year get at least 2000-2100 and this one girl even got a 2350 and is scared that she still cant get into uc berkeley even though she is very active in the community, has a really high gpa and many honors and ap classes and does dancing outside of school. you should check www.collegeboard.com to see what score those schools require and you can see what percentage of student who applied had what scores. good luck!

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