ACT score advice? planning to get direct admission into a 7 year pre-med program?

Question:The last time i took the ACT, i scored a 32, and im planning to retake the test in September. I bought an ACT book, and i also paid for a class. I was told that a 34 or 35 would be sufficient, with my 4.1 gpa. I still don't know which schools i would have an easier time to get into, and which schools offer the BA/MD program. Any advice? I don't want any schools way out there (in terms of difficulty for admission), and money is not an issue.

That's a great score!

I am a physician, and that should get you into any college of your choice. I would get into a school that also allows you time to enjoy college. Focus on doing well in college. In the long run in terms of your career choice, the ACT or SAT doesn't mean a lot if you do poorly in college.

There are several of these "quick admission" programs so you should definitely see the medical school as well as the undergraduate campus. One in particular, the University of Rochester, is particularly good. But you should see what you want in both a college and a medical school before you decide. Afterall, you'll be there for 7 years so you also should like the surrounding area.
thats pretty good. im not too sure about the act, i have more expereince with the SAT. so study a lot. from the book. take a ACT course if you have the money. its worth it. and... i know USC has a 6-year med program. and if you work hard during your undergrad years, u can graduate in 3 or 3 1/2 years.

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