1900 on SAT?

Question:My son got 1900 on his SAT ..and his GPA is only 3.7. Do you think he can get into the UC system in CA with a major in English or Political Science

Those stats are about average for the UC system. Political Science is a hot major now so it will be more difficult then english. However, if he wants to get into some of the better schools in the UC system, i.e Berkeley or LA, then he may need to invest some time in extracurricular activities, internships, community service, leadership opportunities and the such.
His GPA is a bit low, but he might be able to squeak in. Try getting a higher GPA for a better chance. The SAT score looks pretty good.
His GPA is ONLY 3.7? LOL! Braniacs.
yeah he shouldnt have a problem, if he is a senior you are way late for a scholarship, if he is a junior, get online and fill out the FASPA and anything else you can find
I think a 1900 should get your son into a UC school. If you are from California I think he definetally should. I had a 1950 and am from out of state and still got into UCLA which is one of the top UC schools so I think your son has a definite chance.
waitt..this is a joke right?! a 3.7 is amazing, and a 1900 is pretty good too! your son is good to go
Those are great, you should be proud of him. Stop worrying so much and enjoy the fact that your child is well above average.
Could be UC Santa Cruz is calling
Good question. I was an admissions officer for Vanderbilt-a similar school in profile. If I was looking at your son, I would be pleased with his GPA. His SAT isnt bad, but a big school will be more concerned with his math/reading score. Also, what classes did he take and extracurriculars? What UCal school? If you include this information, I can supply a likely percentage at admissions.
Well is that 3.7 gpa weighted or unweighted? there were people in my class which had over 2000 on their SAT and over 4.0 weighted and still didn't get into Berkeley and UCLA. My friend got a 2100 and didnt get into UCLA. UCLA, UCB, UCSD are getting hard to get into but u should be fine for UCI, UCSB and UCD and UCR and UCM will take pretty much anyone. I am attending UC Berkeley and recieved a 2210
The UC system places a huge emphasis on gpa and SAT scores. If you want your son to go to one of the top UCs, UCLA, UCSD, or UCB, then he should retake the SAT, since you can't change gpa, but SAT is very easy to increase. I got into UCLA last year with an SAT score of 2320, and previously I had scores very similar to your sons (1930). What helped me more than anything was the guideparadise SAT guide. Try searching google for guideparadise. I hope I have helped!
UC has a way of calculating his score. I have attached the link below.

To be eligible to attend the University of California, you must:

Complete a specific set of 15 college prep courses (known as the "a-g" courses) AND

Take two SAT Subject Tests in two different subject areas (for example, science and English) AND either the ACT plus Writing OR the SAT Reasoning Test.

Did he take UC certified honor classes? you get extra points for that.

Did he take SAT subject test?

Just type in his scores and GPA and it will let you know if your son is eligible for admissions.


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