...wanna retake AP exam... but what if...?

Question:is it possible to retake an AP exam for classes that require labs (chemistry/biology/physics)? I already took the class and did the labs, but do i have to redo them to take the AP exam again?

I'm confused by your question. Anyhow, I don't think that you have to do anything other than sign up for the tests and take them. AP exams test questions on labs, so I don't think you need to show proof that you have done labs, so long as you can answer the questions.
can't you just retake the exams again next year?
you don't need to retake the class

i think you just sign up for it on that one site..

b.c i know this one guy who took the AP bio test
and got a 4...

so you don't need to do the labs required in the class

i hope that makes sense. sorry if it didn't
all yout have to do is sign up for the test. that's it. you might need to have knowledge about the labs if they're on the AP test, so you should review them again. anyways, good luck.
You can retake them without retaking the class. It's not even required to take the class at all, though it's recommended.

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