ACT testing?

Question:What r some things I can do to prepare for it other then study hard? Any tips?

If you can find some sort of test prep lecture offered near you, those really help. Other than that, keep taking practice tests. They're boring, but they do help.
Also, Collegeboard has as Question of the Day that you can get emailed to you, so even if you don't want to study every single day (and who does?), you can still take a few minutes a day to think about test questions, and they explain the answers pretty well. That's for SAT, but the same principles apply.
Make sure you know what you need to take: pencils with good erasers, a good calculator (I swear by my TI-83 Plus), your ID, and your admissions ticket. The more prepared you feel, the better you'll do. Good luck!
Make sure your eraser will actually erase your work rather than just spread it all around and make you get wrong answers.
Know the strategies.For example, look at the questions don't have to read the whole passage..all questions worth the same, so answer easy ones's easier than the sat, so don't worry about it..make sure you bring that graphing calculator on that day!
check out the act practice books from the library. it helped me so much... i scored a 33 composite.

but i only did it the night before. imagine if i had started earlier!

make sure you bring an appropriate calculator. The moderators will take away any that do not meet the requirements.

and don't forget your ID!
Do practice tests. The more you are familiar with the test, the better.

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