ACT score and tranferring Question?

Question:Well guys I did horrible on my ACT.I got a 15.I really didn't try because I was sick.But I plan on going to palm beach community college for a 1 year and then transferring to FSU or University of South Florida.If I work super hard will I be able to get into a university in a year.I mean work super hard.I also plan on taking ACT over again.Please Answer.Thanks guys.

Most likely, I got a 20 which is 50/50 on getting into the college I want.

But my mom, whos a teacher, says that transfers are almost automatic as long as you do good your first year. As long as you can prove you can handle college. Because first year is the biggest year of drop outs. Hope this helps and again the answer is yes, if you do good first year transferring should be no problem.
I strongly advise retaking the ACT. You can take it as many times as you need to.
For FSU :

In addition to the applicant's overall composite on the ACT or total score (critical reading plus math) on the SAT, FSU has minimum subscores for each exam: writing -- 19 on the ACT English or 480 on the SAT critical reading; math -- 21 on the ACT math or 470 on the SAT math; and reading -- 19 on the ACT reading or 440 on the SAT critical reading.

While you're in community college, make sure you have very good grades. You just need to bring up your ACT score. What about your SAT score? Just work real hard. I'm just going to the University of North Florida.

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