A Question about IELTS English Test?

Question:AI am planning to take ILETS General Training test in a month time. I know it consists of Listining, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
I am little bit worried about the Listining and Reading.
Is there any one who can give me some usefull information and share their experience.
I promise the good one will be rewarded ten points.

Well I took the academic version I know it's different but I still have some suggestions for you:
Try watching movies and listening to tapes stop them whenever you hear a new word and go and take a look at the dictionary to find its meaning and also its dictation that is a good way to improve your vocabulary and spelling as well. By the way if you are able to understand what's going on then you have helped your listening and reading. Listening to tapes is sure better for your listening compared to watching movies.
Also try some mock exams which you are able to find in lots of books which are based on the IELTS exam
hi there!
Take a look at http://www.ielts-exam.net
I hope it can help you to get familiar with IELTS General Module.
You can find there useful samples.
Good Luck

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