Question:AHHHh! WHO ELSE IS taking the earth science regents tomorrow? Am i the only one whos freaking out?! What are you doing to study..and stuff? For ppl who already took it be honests: is it ez or hard! AHHH?!!

=( i took it 2day nd i totally failed!!
Im with you. I live in Miller Place on Long Island and we have our Regents tommorrow too. I've taken like 3 past regents from the Baron's book but Im not happy with the scores...
it is very hard! I took it twice already and failed it and im trying for a third time tomorrow. I think i failed because my teacher was a druggie and sucked at teaching. just stay calm during the test and use the reference table. a lot of the q's involved that
i am takin it tomorrow too. i am not that worried i did all these question on http://www.regentsprep.org/regents/core/... and i did pretty well on them...i am freakin out when i think about the us history regent that i have in the afternoon...good luck on ur regent
i have to get a 75 on that regents to pass for the year! so yeah im freaking out.. I'm studying the past regents because they always repeat their questions. The reference table is all you need to do well though. Also, if you did well on the practical that'll help you a lot too.
I was totally freaking out about it but it was easy for the most part. I used the Barrons book, and studied a lot. I took it today also.

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