About what percent of those who are accepted into Ivy league are accepted on purely academics?

Question:For example this kid at my school has a 3.0 gpa and got into Princeton and he didnt do well on the SATs because he wasn't on the top 10 sat score list at my school

I have heard so many rumors and even from some news program that universities like Harvard and Yale take in legacies as well as rich kids with infuential families over well rounded academically superior students with not so much influence. .

If you want to get in (and you don't have any ties), you will have to do something that makes you unique, like win some kind of national award or accomplish something that few people in your country would accomplish. Grades and SAT scores aren't enough--I have been told that one person who had straight A's, had a ton of APs, and got a 2400 on the SAT got rejected from Harvard (my uncle interviews students for Harvard; that kid was one of them).
i'm sure the precentage of students that get in with connections and fmaily influences, or kids form fmailies, who donate alot to the schools is greater than those who are accepted on purely academics

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