Act and sat?

Question:which is more impressive?
2020 on the sat or 30 on the act?

Both scores are about the same, and when applying for college, make sure you send each of them. They are each very impressive and you have good chances of getting into excellent colleges.

Good job, good luck, and hope this helps! ;-)
both are perfect scores, doesnt matter. The sat is for more liberal arts colleges/universities and mroe widely accepted than ACT...which is usually accepted at research universitiesand for science/math based schools. good lucK!
A 30 is more impressive, but only slightly more impressive (it equals a 2040-2090 on the SAT). Check out the link (scroll down to near the bottom of the page):

I'd just send in both scores to your colleges.
The ACT score. You need to raise your SAT score to have a good chance at great colleges. I got 2 perfect scores in math and reading, but my writing score was only 720, for a total of 2320. I only read this SAT guide, and that is how I got such high scores:
I recommend this guide to anyone seeking to get a higher score to get into a first choice college.

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