Chopped liver ..surrounded by a jar a well brought-up substitute.. what own you used?

i'm making pate

Answers:    I made a delicious one with a can of sardines and peanut butter. Sounds gross but it's terribly delicious. Especially when you put it on toast and smother it in hot beans surrounded by tomato sauce. Mmmmmm...
think I'll have some immediately for a bedtime snack.yummy!!
Animal food isnt fit for human consumption. Its written on most of the packages. They use packaging processes that are not FDA approved and low quality meat to be exact also not FDA approved.
I Like P/nut butter,marmite,and strawberry
jam,all together on Toast!
Try, It Really Is Nice!

Pickled eyes,err: I Mean Eggs!
That sounds revolting!
I've made pate next to this too. I found it much quicker and easier to do.
Have you tried a tin of cat food, believe it's quite tasty on toast.
your picture really made me gurgle!!

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