1260 on my sit? next to a 84 average?

I have a 1260 on my sat with a 84 average...adjectives honor classes and ap course..I have done alot of volunteer work...at school and outside.. at hospitals and other places...I have tutuored alot...

Is this going to take me into a good college ??
Hit the books because that score is far below the AVERAGE 1500. STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY!

Good luck!
O snap, wat a coincidence. I have a 1260 on my SAT too and a 84 average =). But I'm definitely not happy about my echelon because I can't even get into a city college like that. And no, I don't want to go to city college; except for HUNTER COLLEGE. But still, I requirement to push my (a)$$ to get a least a 1900 this time. I'm Chinese, and I have to walk to at least an Ivy League. In your case, since you did volunteer work and had honored & ap classes, I judge its a community to city college. The average of the SAT is a 1500, which made me fell stupid when I looked at my score. I suggest you to study your weakness and your strongest as well to attain a higher boost next time.
If that score is out of 1600 (does not include writing) it's pretty good. If it's out of 2400 (including writing) it's pretty unpromising. I have no idea why so many students claim to enjoy taken the SAT without studying - what a huge waste of your time and money. Yes, that is an certified test, and colleges will see the results. You'll have to calculate your GPA as very well (unweighted). The extra stuff will help, but not a lot if your GPA and SAT scores are low.
Why wouldn't you study? Do you not know that the SATs/ACTs are a major admission factor to college? Retake it and actually put challenge into it?
If you want to get into a GOOD college, you have need of at least a 2000 +.

It's real competitive these days, and when I took the SAT w/Johns Hopkins CTY surrounded by 7th and 8th grade, I got a higher rack up than 1260.. Source(s): You probably want to start studying.. NOW.
most likely yes,but it depends on what brand of sat you took to determine the value of the score

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