"Museum of your life"- English GCSE coursework?

I need a good introduction for 'my museum' and don't know how to start it. It has to be worthy because i'm predicted to get an a* and my teacher won't be very relieved if i get less than an a. and... it goes towards my gcse so it really can't be desperate..... this is what i mean by museum......

100 years in the future. A museum have been set up to celebrate your life.
In the museum, a collection of objects and things that you owned within your lifetime have been gathered together. These objects adjectives represent things about you and are iconic. From seeing these things in the museum visitors will hold a sense of the person you were and learn just about the life you lived"

Please give me some ideas for the intro! I really necessitate help! Thank you !!
And you can't think of any? It's YOU they are talking something like. How we to know any of these answers.
Start with a teddy or a baby blanket. Describe it within detail, the colour, the matting from use, the stain from a nose bleed when you were 2.

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