"pop test" problem (a) academy?

Our AP government teacher thought it'd be funny to give us a theory test that we didn't know about. He had told all of his other period that they had a test today except mine, so we were the single ones that didn't know. He said we could make up some of the test, but still I don't think it be fair of him to give us the test contained by the first place. I want to tell my parents about it, but knowing them, they would not belive be, discuss it with me, name the school, and get me in this total big mess. I want to tell someone though so they could do something about it, but who?
You could talk to your coach. If this course is really important to you then explain that. If he doesn't understand next perhaps go to the principle. If it's not that important and won't affect your dupe to greatly, then I wouldn't get in the integral mess. Just do well on everything else.

Hope this helped
Well I would go down to your guidance bureau. Tell them about it. They;ll handle it without letting the trainer know that it was you. Also, this would keep your parents out of it.

Hope this helps!

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