"How" to work surrounded by the US?


I live atm in Europe, Romania, and i'm following Politehnica University (the best that there is in romania), but the problem is (that i've hear from the other ppl) that there's no university recognized in usa (only in EU). And elder person (who knows these things) told me that i have to whip some kind of exams and tests (English writing and speaking, and other abilities within my area of [future] work) to prove that i'm good in my nouns of interest and have some kind of diploma available in the US for foreigners.

My interrogate is: what's this test/exam about? How do i get more details about it? Is it at lowest possible true what i've heard?
If you have a Masters or PhD you will have NO problems at adjectives to get your work-permission and your Visa. You just have to acquire the right form and fill it out and send it in.

But otherwise its almost impossible, except you buy a green card and that costs a partly million USD.

The reason is, without a Social Security Number you wont be allowed to work, and the Social Security Department only give you a Social Security Number if the US Immigration gave them the "Yes" under your name, you could articulate.

It became alot harder after 11th of September and allll that bullshit...

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