10 top tips for studying for a tryout?further details below:?

my exams are about to start in 3 weeks and Ive got to study 7 subjects respectively with atleast 7 chapters
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help
Check the study tips here:

This is importantly dependent on the types of material and your own study habits. Which of the four basic erudition styles are your best?

Hit the library, a book store, or your browser and look for resources on study habits. The question has too copious unknown variables for someone to answer in this forum -- and if you knew the variables, you'd likely not own to ask the question.
hear r some tips
hope it works..
1.you enjoy to concentrate just on your lesson .
2.do not think to another thing except you lesson.
3.return with you mind free for new topic.
4.try to imagin if the lesson is imaginable for beter memorizing
5.read it (text) once befor like a tabloid then read it with more care.
Read the paper, take notes if it is complicated.explain what u understood to urself.if it be not complet read again with more care and again explain it...keep this till you enjoy already done it.in this way you are putting it in your own words and really enjoy to understand it.you also can try Studying with other people and have a word about what you are reading but it is somehow waisting time. Answer anyquestions at the end of the chapters., don't be afraid to ask your teacher for help if you are confused

Read the chapter once. Go through again and write down the important info on an index card. Use the index cards as your study material. Do other index cards similar to a test. Put on one side the question and the other side the answer. Use those to study also.

and also having concentrate within class when the teacher is teaching it .is a very goog point of geting best results since if u recognize what is been teaching in class within first time it realy helps ..
another thing:you have to and must practic..practicing magics..

i mysef realy belive this..
and....have self confidance...without any stress at exam..becuse it has a bad efect on u and ur mind go blank in this way..so try to be relax..

also find your mistaks and solve them do not post phon your math practic for later ..and try more and more to do them at matching day that that it has been teached. Source(s): experiences

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