Are GCSE's more big or A-levels?

I just got my GCSE results and want to do law at uni.
My results are ok, though they incontestably don't show my potential. i got
A*- English Lit
A*- Chem
A- Maths ( 2 marks of A*)
A- English language
A-Physics ( one inscribe of A*)
A- Bio
A- Classics
A-History ( 2 marks of A*)
B- Drama ( i am drama captain next year!)
Please back me...i want to do law and was wondering what type of uni's can i apply to with these grades? Also how much harder are A-levels and how much harder will i call for to work to get all A's?
please be honest!
You have exceedingly good GCSE grades, but the GCSE grades are really only there to facilitate you get into a good Sixth Form and also to show Universities that you passed Maths/English/Science at a B grade or above (which clearly you have).
A Levels are the most exalted. A Levels are hard but achievable if you put the right amount of effort contained by and make sure you plan your studying and leave enough time to revise for the exams. If you want to be a Lawyer and carry into a very good University (like the Universities in the 'Russel Group' [the top 20 Universities within the UK]) then you will need to aim for between AAA and ABB in your A level.
Good subjects for Law include English Literature, History, Politics, Economics, French etc and any other subjects that are more essay based. Other academic subjects like Maths and Science underscore your intelligence and show that you have a broad range of knowledge within a variety of areas.
Take 4 A Levels and see how you get on, then depending on how difficult you're finding it you could choose to any carry all 4 on or drop one in your second year of Sixth Form.
Type the 'Russel Group' into google and after look at each University's website in turn, going to 'Undergraduate' and then 'Law' and look at their entry requirements and preferred subjects.
Good luck, I hope you carry there in the end!! :)

Edit: After only just reading the subjects you have chosen I think you are on the right track and have picked the right ones for Law! Good luck!
GCSE's are really just a stepping stone to A-levels.

A level are harder, because there is more application of knowledge involved, rather than simply recite information as you do with GCSE's. And some of the learning is your own responsibility - overall there's a lot smaller quantity spoon feeding.

I'm sure you'll be fine. You've no need to worry yourself more or less uni just yet, you have plenty of time and there'll be tutors who can guide you something like the types of universities, and more specifically the types of courses they offer. The actual content of a law amount differs from uni to uni. You will need to get all A's at A-level to bring back onto any of the top law courses.
As long as your grades are enough for the A level courses you want to do at your sixth form, then the most considerable thing is to get the right grades for them :)

well done, and honourable luck in your studies....
I would show bad my results if i was you they are great! There is no doubt about it that A - level are more important but never the less that doesn't mean that if you do defectively it doesn't matter - it is still important to get appropriate grades at GCSE.
University's make offer on A Levels, not GCSE's, so we cant tell you. I mean, you got suitable grades so it looks promising. However, if you want to go to a very prestigious university you should start doing some extra curricular stuff to boost your personal statement, cause really, they probably wont strictness much about GCSE's, if at all.
Oh my gosh your results are great! Firstly don't feel like they are not dutiful enough just because people might hold similar results.

In university entry requirements they usually just state you have to get at least possible a B in, for example, Maths at GCSE. The most important grades are your A-Levels, as this is what makes or breaks your university application. The university will variety you an offer into Law School as long as you attain the desired grades at A-Level, e.g. AAA, AAB, ABB.

I reckon you have picked the right subjects if you want to study Law, e.g. English, History etc. So well done on that! At tiniest you are know what you want to do.

Not to sounds too dramatic but these next two years are crucial and you must do well in every exam so maximum physical exertion is obviously required.

At the end of the day you can solely do your best! Good luck and remember to have fun as well! Hehe!

GCSEs are not important, it's A level results that engender or break your Uni dream. They might put in the entry requirements that you have GCSE grade B within English or something, but only one subject, the rest is all down to your A level results.
'A' level are the hardest exams you will ever do; by the way your plans are to go to University NOT "Uni"!

This is a crass abbreviation borne of watching too much antipodean soap opus!

However, it is critical that you choose your strongest subjects from GCSE for your 'A' levels.

Well done with your present set of results!

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