11th AP English essays?

After reading Angela's Ashes, we need to write an essay on why the memoir is uplifting although the family goes through poverty and losses. We entail to cite examples from the text. When we cite, do we just incorporate the quote into the text in need page number and line? That's what I feel an AP essay would be like if you be referring to only one book, but I'm not sure.
For example,

Frank's father blamed the "deadly spreading consumption of Limerick" for the death of his beloved daughter." However...

or would I enjoy to put the reference? I would think we don't if we're referring to one book through the entire paper but I'm not entirely sure.
It's pointless to quotation the book, but just put in the page number like this (67). That's adjectives you have to do. And remember to have some quotations by themselves, don't just incorporate them adjectives into sentences, but I'm sure you know that! :] Good luck!

I saw the movie, but never read the book, seems like it'd be good though.

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