10 points best answer: VOCAB SAT ? I beseech u answer?

I am grieving to know what i am supposed to learn for the vocabulary part of the essay. I learned the most frquent account of brandon's and i'm going to learn everything word from the official SAT guide..Does this assure that i will cover all the words?? Please confer me a list that u learned and worked...Does the words that show on the question of the afternoon SAT also have a greater probability to show on the SAT in october...PLEASE PLEASE!
the vocab portion isn't all that difficult. The article is, there is no possible way you're going to memorize all of the words that might be on the SAT.. A better means of access to think about it is that you have already memorized a unbelievably high amount of words. So this means that most of the answer choices you will know already. Then through some process of elimination, you can choose correct answers even if you do not know what they be set to. What I've noticed is that learning what words mean, not necessarily how their spelled, is easiest by reading difficult literature and looking up words you don't take.

best of luck =]

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