Is the SAT carrying out tests really unyielding?

It's not hard. It's adjectives about test-taking skills.

You should get the prep books by The Princeton Review. They're the best test prep company contained by the U.S. Their "Cracking the SAT" book is really good ... and for practice you can get "11 Practice Tests."

Good luck! Feel free to e-mail me here on Y! Answers if you think I can give support to you with anything else. Source(s): I'm a test prep instructor.
It depends on how smart you are-- it's designed to have questions at several different levels-- the smarter you are, the easier respectively level is. But it's designed for at least some part to be rugged for everyone-- so unless you're a genius-- you can pretty much count on a lot of it being pretty difficult.
yea but just move about in like it doesn't count cuz it will be harder if u think in the region of it, i didnt do well but im not that smart,
I actualy have a website that I am designing that specifically help students prepare for the SAT absolutely free. You should definitely check it out and see how much it can help you. If you call for any help, my contact information is on there.
no buddy. its depend on u r attitude. its not only for its for all . so think positive and be in motion ahead.

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