I am so terrified in the order of the SAT?

i am planning on taking the SAT in october but i can't even get a 350 pg SAT book finished. right now, i'm on pg 240- the math section- and consent to me tell u, it is really scary.

i don't understand partially the stuff in the math section.
its a barron's SAT 2400.

the math section clearly looks like it will be the hardest on the SAT. i have a lot of pressure on me. my parents hold saying how my cousin is so smart and plays tennis and all that. she got a 1900 on the SAT.

i don't play sports or anything, reason that i could write a book about. my parents always tell me that i never interweave a club or sports or anything but they never put time for me. i always wanted to do stuff but they never had time to nick me there and back. so i have lost the desire to join up clubs and sports now.

nevermind that, if i don't get atleast a 1900, my parents will go crazy. stupid dumbasses. i told em i required to take classes yet they said they don't have the money for it and blew tons of bread on a 6 week trip to india and made me sit on a friggin chair the whole time and didn't even take me anywhere.

i go insane there and now i'm back and i hang on to trying to study but i can't...

it's jsut so hard and i don't understand any of it.

is the SAT math section really firm?
I actually have a website that is designed to aid students with the SAT, so you should definitely check it out. It's completely free and I tell you exactly what you enjoy to do to do well. You shouldn't have to pay for something close to that. Help is out there and it doesn't have to cost a dime! Just check out the website and if you have any question, feel free to contact me on there!


Good luck!
hmm. you hold barron's... barron's has a great reputation for throwing the hardest SAT questions at you, especially math questions. if you perceive it's too hard, buy collegeboard's official SAT study guide (about $20-30) or the princeton review to study from instead.
It's nothing to be scared off. If you are distressed, then you are hindering yourself. You are not having an chipper thinking and celery development. Take a deep breath and study for the SAT.

Here are tips for studying SAT:

Complete section respectively day. Don't go on too many section; otherwise, your brain will become like fart, and you can't study more.
Plan is most important key to nouns. Start studying one hour per day!
Try reading news and books. This helps you boost your reading comprehension. People who get interested in reading ameliorate more than people who don't read seriously.
Study vocabularies. Passages and sentences in critical reading section contain complicated vocabulary.
Math: Practice solving actual SAT question. Also learn more lessons, so you can grasp the hang of it. Remember that ETS gives Algebra II questions.
Essay: Take a weighty breath. I know it's hard, but you have to pass it. Read the hallway carefully and make a quick outline. Write a coherent essay, using your outline. Don't panick.

Keep writing! Go posterior later. This helps you save more time.

Passages: Read the passage actively. Ask yourself while reading them. Then, answer the questions according to those passages. Don't answer according to your own opinion.
Take a diagnostic trial first. That way you can tell what you are weak on and what you ought to work on. Both the Critical Reading and Math bit are reasoning based, meaning it's not based on practice or factual information. The math section is composed of math problems, with alot of them have "shortcuts".
Don't worry too much and don't overwhelm yourself by studying EVERYTHING in the book. Try getting an SAT tutor or asking a teacher for give support to.
You are right brother, I feel your Pain.
Just relax, cart it easy - Get the official guide from college-board and subscribe for the Question of the day.
first thing in the order of the SAT is that YOU SHOULD NEVER SIKE YOURSELF OUT! go in with confidence, it help

for me the math section is my best subject just because my brain clicks well next to it but i honestly don't see the SAT math section as math...they're more like trick questions which is unbelievably annoying. it honestly depends on the person. my worst section was reading. btw i prefer Princeton review's prep books, i used them for every standardized testing

1) Do a practice test and see where your weaknesses and strengths are and work on your weakness FIRST
2) Review the tips that the book gives you to make things easier and more efficient. the short cuts really do assist
3) Practice Practice PRACTICE! do as many practice tests as you can, on your own, online or anything! practicing it helps it become a routine point for you and helps give you more confidence on the day of audition
4) The SAT might not be for you, have you considered the ACT? to me it's ALOT easier (no vocab section either! lol) the math is straight forward and i find the passage alot more interesting. I did well on the SAT but i did even better on the ACT

if you choose the ACT i would advise you start studying now (DON'T STRESS!!) sign up for the one this Sept 14 so you can see how you do after if you dont think you did too well, sign up again for the once in october =]

fitting luck, don't stress, and stay confident!

hope i helped!

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