12th level AP Lit --- djakljkfdluyflkdajkglgja?

Okay so last year i took Ap united states history only for the first semester because i couldnt catch better than an F in there : /

but ive NEVER been well-mannered at history.

So i was wondering, im taking 12th grade Ap Lit this year.
Is it hard? because im reallly fitting at english and stuff.

Ive just heard that its alot of reading, which i can handle that..
gratefulness for answeringgg (:
I took IB english 3 this past year and took the AP LIT test in may it be a joke it was so simple :) and for the class you read like 5-7 books its not that discouraging

hahaha how do you fail US History you are from here its the same stuff youve learned back i know youve had us history in some form or another prior to that class

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