AS height exam results?

Hello, my friend got her exam results today and she got 69.5% in one of her subjects. I be just wondering if this would round up to 70% (a B) or would she have a C??

Thank you!! I find that the way exam results are given out is so confusing hehe, they should merely give us grades! :)
You need 70% for a B. She hasn't reach that mark so will get a c
Its somtimes not done close to that. There are somtimes grade boundries it should say it on your results sheet.
She'll will have a C position, but it would a high one.
I think B.

If she be 69.4, that is C.
its a C sorry,
in each subject she should hold a final grade
on the results sheet it was say

AS 'X(e.g chem)' CASH IN ............FINAL GRADE ...........C
C grade
It's a C... But she should definitely get it re-marked cos she will probably travel up 1 or 2, which will give her a b.

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