How firm is it to hold the AP Biology exam minus the class surrounded by college?

See, I loved Honors Bio in freshmen year and I really would have worked sturdy in AP. However, my school requires a partly. semester of Medical terminology and a full year of anatomy before granting ticket into the class. I am tempted to simply self study and take the exam on my own but I verbs about missing the crucial lab component. PLEASE GIVE ADVICE!!

Answers:    our class didnt really do the labs.. we did some, but we arent the richest school, u know, so we couldnt do alot, resembling breed flies. anyways, i took the exam and got a 5. i took the class though. its why i passed. ive seen nation study by themselves though and pass the exam.. but itll be tough. make sure you read the campbells textbook and hit some ap prep books. hope this helped~
resourcefully i didn't exactly have the best teacher, but it without a doubt helps to review the topics with the class. I cant say-so i learned alot this year, but at the end i read an entire review book and manage a 4, but the test seemed jammy

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