If I pilfer regular Chemistry my junior year, would I be arranged to whip Chemistry AP when I am a senior?

My friend Rebecca, who is an A+ student and practically the most intelligent person I know, took Honors Chemistry her freshman year, and only passed near an A-. She even said that it was difficult. I, who am an A/B+ student, don't know if I will fair powerfully in that class or not. Any advice would be really appreciated. It would also be helpful if you explained your experience in any of these courses.

Answers:    This past year I was a sophomore and took Honors Chemistry. The instructor was notoriously difficult. My finish of the year final grade was an A+ though. The class be not easy by any means, but it be extremely possible with the right mindset. I think that you should progress for the honors class, even if you might have a highe grade if you steal the regulars. The honors class will prepare you much more for the AP level, which is what I'm doing next year (my junior year).
The regular Chemistry course will prepare you, but because it isn't as stimulating, you may not be quite as ready to pocket it to the AP level.

Just try to have a positive attitude around it if you choose to take honors and I promise, it will make adjectives the difference. Also, take good resume and study as much as you can! It really does pay off!

Good luck!

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