Is an SAT win of 1730 fitting satisfactory?

For colleges such as Emory, Spelman, and Harvard? (just kidding about harvard:)

Answers:    Your rack up of 1730 is much better than average. The average on the SAT exam is 1500. Thus, you were 230 pts above average. Although your score be above average, it is not a great score. If you are planning on applying to any of the prestigious schools across the country, I would notably recommend that you prep more for the exam. As aids for studying for the SAT exam, try using's sat guide and the princeton review's sat guide. sell its guide for only 10 dollars, and it written by two students who scored a 2400 and a 2350 on the exam. The Princeton Review's sit guide sells for about 15 dollars, and help students tackle problems they are unfamilar with. Let me know if you have need of any more help and/or info. With a bit more studying your score will sky draw from to it.
it's kind of low for emory, but looks good for spelman...
I dont construe it's good for Emory.

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