"I had completed my degree. i cannot choose the next step can any one tell me"?

Question:Hai friend i had completed my degree(B.com), now i am having confusion in that which field i have to take. But now i am not having money to do M.B.A,I have to do job, and i have to continue my studies, can any one give me a suggestion plz

You don't want to do MBA immediately after B.com anyway. The quality of your learning would be much better once you have worked for a couple of years.

So find the best job that pays you the most and stick with it for two years.

Best wishes.
Simple. You have no money, so get a job first. Anyway, work experience is important in getting a better job. First thing first: Get your resume ready.
With your bachelor in communication, you can go into public relation, work for newspaper or magazine publisher, be a copywriter, even into advertising company.
You can also join job placement agencies.
Last, you can do your MBA via distance learning or online courses which will be cheaper.

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