ASEAN Scholarships ?? How do i prepare myself from the exam ?

Question:I've been selected to attend the exam ..But i'm quite blur about the questions that will be asked..Is it in objective or subjective ? How to prepare myself ? By revising on which aspects ?At least i try to do something before sitting for the exam..Mind to share your experience ? Thanks..Btw, it's on 9th June.

Its basically an IQ question if it remains the same as when I took it eons ago. So just try to get a hang on IQ questions and English terms in math related issues like isosceles triangle, circumference, prime numbers etc. And like most exams, do not get stuck on a question for too long. Skip to the next and come back if you have spare time at the end.
i have been selected too to the exams, i am not sure too. but now i am studying my maths until secondary 4-5. so is my english. im searching for iq tests in the internet. you could probably practice ur iq this way. I have no idea how the questions gonna be. but just be prepared :)...owh yeah, my exams is on the 8th, y is yours on the 9th? good luck...well, i need it too..

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