Any suggestions to help me study?

Question:I have reall slacked off on studying and reading for fun. I want to do it but the interest isn't there anymore...(sigh)...any suggestions would help, thanks.

set some small goals like for example, telling yourself that you are going to finish 1 chapter today. Each time you complete a goal, reward yourself by maybe treating yourself to a chocolate or something.
studying is boring!
there's no way i can think of helping u gain interest..
but look at it this way.

u have 2 study 2 reach ur goal
or else u'll end up unemployed!
wit nothing 2 eat!

study hard so u can finish em
and then u can slack off as long as u want!
For studying you should try mind maps. It's really fun and you can learn a lot. Only problem is that it takes much time. For reading I can't help you, you should try make it interesting by thinking how smart you will be after so much reading. Good luck!

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