Boarding School in The U.K.?

Question:I currently live in Durban and attend one of its major schools I am a 14 year old boy and am in grade 8. My aggregate is averagely 80%.
I would like to attend a Boarding school in England, but I do not no the qualifications and procedures to do this and I need information on how I can do this.

All pupils will have to satisfy the boarding schoolÂ?s entry requirements, which will include taking a test or exam and possibly attending an individual interview. If it is not possible for the overseas applicant to be in the UK at the normal time of an exam, special arrangements can usually be made either by examining the pupil during a visit to the boarding school or by sending papers to an approved examination centre in the pupilÂ?s home country.

To gain entry to a senior school at age 11+ (Year 7), applicants are asked to sit either the externally set Common Entrance (CE) exam or the schoolÂ?s own exams in English, mathematics, science and French. (Some schools combine both types of exam.) This is also the case for pupils applying to senior schools at age 13+. Schools may also offer places to pupils aged 14+ and 15+ on a similar basis.
The timings of these examinations and tests can vary, but most take place in February/March and May for September entry. The Common Entrance is an official examination administered by the independent sector, with the aim of providing continuity and consistency within the sector. The papers are set by the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) and can be taken between the ages of 11 and 13+ by those who wish to move from an independent preparatory school or junior school to a senior school. The exam is usually taken at the childÂ?s current school, and the answers marked by the first-choice senior school, with unsuccessful applicantsÂ? papers being referred to the second-choice school. The subjects covered at age 13+, for example, include English, mathematics, a modern and/or classical language, science, history, geography and religious education.

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