Are on line education courses credible?

Definitely if they are from accredited "brick and mortar" colleges and universities.

If they are a totally on-line university, you need to be careful and check them out carefully. Check with the organizations and states they claim to be accredited through.

And, if they say it takes two weeks for a degree -- it's a fake!
If they are from a college you are attending, you know the teacher and you pre-signed up for it and paid your fees, those are credible, and most colleges and Universities offer them, but here is the catch, they do not advertise them on television or radio. Anyone the Advertises on tv or radio about taking a course in any subject are not credible or transferable with any other source than there own. Many thousands are conned into these self accredited businesses (not institutions of learning). they use mostly left over or not approved programs, there not worth the money or your time. the truth lies in that they have no way of knowing who is actually taking the exams and tests, anyone can say they are you online, you can answer all the personal so -called-security questions, then have someonelse answer the questions. this halld the reason why they will never be accreditied no matter what they advertise. the College you attend and know the teacher, will not haveall the exams or homework on line, they will know who you are and you will have to be in class for most exams that determine you completing the course. Also beware of the tele-marketing calls, they even have names that sound similar to local colleges and Universities, or say they are accredited through such. Feel free to call the schools they mention to see if they do in fact fully accredit them, they may only accredit them for part of a course, and not fully, thisto is a big play on words by the tv and radio adds also. beware, please beware.

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