Best way to study a small family tree?

Question:Hey im studying for exams at the moment, and i need to remember a family tree with about 10 people in it. what is the best way to study it so i can remember for the exam?

Learn by similar family members. Make a list from the top to the bottom of those members. Here is an example:
1. grandmothers ( on Mom's side. grandmothers on Dad's side
Mary Kathryn
Tina Samantha

2. Aunts ( Mom's side)

Make a pattern that you can follow..Be creative. Make drawings of what they look like...
ALSO...see what characteristics each of them have that remind you of someone you would like to date..give them names, and appearance in your mind.
look for something common in the family member's name. then try to remember it for the exam you have
If your going to study a family tree I suggest being vary careful the average family tree is very fragile.
make up a phrase like...billy sam macy do 4 example billy saw macy
Put it to music. Find a tune and then substitute the words of the tune for the people you have to memorize.

I learned the periodic table this way. (as probably everyone else in the world did.)

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