Asking all Indians: Would you consider taking a 3-year Polytechnic degree in New Zealand?

I am the programme manager of a Polytechnic in New Zealand which, curiously, has absolutely no international students at the moment. We are trying to understand, why. Somebody said no Indians were interested in our programme because it is only a three year bachelor programme.
Is this true?
Would that keep Indians from enrolling here?
We would like to understand this situation.
Thank you for your answers.

Simple. In India there are 3 year schools which people attend if they cannot make it to the 4 year full degree program. Hence 3 year programs do not get the same respect as a 4 year program plus plenty of 2year and 3 year programs are available in India at great prices. Lastly, 3 year degrees are mostly rejected for immigration points if the Indians are planning to emigrate or work overseas -as is usually the case.
Friend, this is my personnel view i don't about all indians but the reality is that still as per abroad education our mind is set and i think that is correct too, as we people see education institution as brand too. so we have a priority like
1. USA
2. UK
3. Any Other (Europe)

might be lack of knowledge is also a reason, but this is not our fault, i think you people should come to India do some seminar or career consulting. i belive than you can be succeed to get indians enrolled at your place.
Good evening.
I've chosen to sudy in France and not New Zealand because the College Fees were ok.
Many of my classmates went to study in India and i think the college fees are very competitive, sorry don't know about New Zealand.
Next year I shall start a PhD Nanophysics if I can get an scholarship, I'll try to check out New-Zealand also.

By the way I'm from Mauritius and if you have any contact on how things work in NZ please let me Know.
course availablehere .the cost of 3yrcourse in yur country is to much for taking&indians prefer other courses in usa,australia&uk education

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