About Pittburg States of University (in Kansas)?

Question:Hi,dude.I'm a Tawainese student who will go to the Pittburg States of University with my schoolmates for a short time to study.I love English and also love making foreign friends.Did anyone of you know this school or are the schoolmates?Can you talk about this school for me? I will appreciate what you did.
By the way, I love to watch Major Leage Baseball .I'd like to know if the Kansas Royal tear near my school(Pitt)?
Thanks a lot for your answers!!

I didn't go to PSU, but I grew up in that area. All of the people I knew who went there had good experiences. Also, the Royals play in Kansas City (Missouri), and it will be about a 2 1/2 hours drive to see the homes games (but well worth it). Good luck -- I hope you enjoy your experience there!

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