Is it worthy to study political science?

A Liberal arts degree like Political Science does not prepare you for any particular career on it's own, that's the major advantage and major disadvantage of being a Liberal Arts major. If you study poli sci, be sure to pick up a Business minor or double major in something more marketable. In this knowledge-based economy and in organizations that offer the highest paying wages, employers want employees with specialized knowledge and skills (degrees in certain areas), the marginal productivity rate of the worker must be high and that is measured by how much $$$ a worker can bring to employer through their knowledge of science, technology, finance, and other technical skills. Yes, you can get wealthy from studying Political Science and eventually go to law school or enter politics and business, but like anything else, it takes hard work, paying your dues and alot of people never make it to the big leagues. But if you are ambitious, you can get a degree in basketwaving and still accomplish your goals. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, not even these highly paid jobs which are in danger of being outsourced to countries with relatively lower production costs.
Nope waist of time unless your family has been in the political realm.
It all depends on if you like it or not. But if you are considering it for a higher salary then it is definitely not worth the time.
yes. education is always worthwhile. as a political scientist, you're opening up a lot of opportunity for world travel. you'll be learning about the workings and history of our political system. only 18% of people have a bachelors degree or higher, so it really does not matter what you study in the long run. just make sure it is something that will interest you for years to come.

if you're talking salary, entry-level jobs won't pay well, but after a few years, things will open up. if you want to be a politician, that kid with the first answer was probably right. you'll need more than better grades to become a senator. but you can be a city planner, a bitc.h assistant to a congressman or any number of other things.
It's an interesting and important field, but if you're hoping to get a Ph.D in polisci, you'll find that you're not very in demand right now. If you're looking at undergraduate study, its usefulness depends on what you plan to do after college. Do you have anything in mind?
A polisci degree is very broad. Once you have one, there are lots of jobs that will take you... It is something important, that everyone should have a basic understanding of... so I believe it is worthy to study!!
A four year degree in Political science won't get you ANY job in real life. if you don't believe me, as my brother who spent 10 years (part time) getting his batchelors degree and he couldn't do BUMPKIS with it.. HOWEVER, if you wanted to go onto Law School which could lead you to any number of careers (politician, lawyer, law teacher, ANYTHING in the criminal justice system, then by all means do the poli-sci degree first... without at LEAST a Masters Degree, you won't get much as far as a career.

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