As a student,what are the benefits and drawbacks of living in London alone instead of living inside the uni?

Living in London alone will most likely be more expensive to rent. You will also have to spend more time and money on travelling to go to classes. You will also have less security.

If you stay at the University, you will have the benifit of having friends and classmates closeby. It will be more convenient for studying together and going out and partying. University can be stressfull, and living on your own can be boring and deppressing, so it is handy to have friends close by, to find someone to talk to at short notice.

My brother studied in Liverpool. For the first year he stayed at the University. Then for the remainder he rented a house with some other students from the University. It was cheaper than renting alone.

Living in your own apartment can be convenient for you, if you like plenty freedom, privacy and independence. You will have your own toilet and bathroom (no one to wait on or to make it untidy), your own kitchen, your own t.v. and your own remote. You will not have to share anything with anyone and you will not have to wait on anyone to do anything.

However sharing an apartment can cut down on the cost of rent and amount of chors you have to do. For e.g. you can cook on some days and your housemate can cook on other days.
London's a harsh place, difficult to make friends enough, let alone alienating yourself by living alone. Go for the for on campus accommodation at least you'll have uni friends to talk to and support each other.

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