About the community college system surrounded by the US?

Hi everybody,
I am an international student in the US.Now I am really wavering between staying in one big community college or moving to a smaller one which is easier for me to live and go to institution.

Are there any differences between the big and the smaller community college? Is it good to study in small cc?

I really inevitability your helps. Thank you very much!
You could start off with the smaller community college than from there you could verbs to a bigger school usually a 4 year program to get ur bachelors degree.
This depends very much on the area you're surrounded by. There is no national CC system: it's done on the state level. This also depends on what you want to get out of your education. A roomy school has more opportunities, but a small one have closer friendships and working relationships, and gives you more of a chance to stand out in your chosen nouns.
The differences between big and small community colleges are generally specific to respectively college. Smaller community colleges might give you more one-on-one time with your professors, but they might also have a reduced amount of classes and more classes whose credits do not transfer to 4-year schools. Larger community colleges might also have more prominent professors who are attracted to the bigger campus or bigger name.

In the end, do what's right for your situation. But remember to check to see if your credits will transfer for adjectives use in 4-year colleges. Source(s): www.universitylanguage.com

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