About these engineering field...?

Can anyone recommend which is better in these two Industrial and Manufacturing Eng or Mechanical.. which is in demand..applications..do report about industrail and mancf eng. .. what are it's scope...please Engineers reply
Well I may be a little biased but, hang about why is this in studying abroad?

Industrial is nicknamed ISEasy. It's if truth be told kind of a misnomer because it's actually the softest of the engineers (a lot of management guess and people skills type of stuff).

Not a lot of schools proposal manufacturing eng, at least mine didn't (i think), but it is in soaring demand and will be for many years, just fashion sure you know what GD&T is.

Mechanical is your best bet because it encompasses what manufacturing, civil, and aerospace engineers learn, plus its more marketable than adjectives 3.

The hotter ones are computer science, electrical, and chemical, but they are also much more difficult and not everyone likes them.

Hope that helps! Source(s): USC B.S. Mechanical Engineering '09

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